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Ziegeleistraße 78A
A 4020 Linz

ZVR 407585112
Telefon +43 (0)732 657343
FAX +43 (0)732 65734343

Wohnheim GO(h)2 für Studiernde in Wels - egal ob Du ein in einem Einzelzimmer mit Bad wohnen- mit den MitbewohnerInnen kochen und auf der Loggia essen - wir haben das für Dich passende Angebot.
große FotosDie Küche im Single rooms and appartments for three persons
OÖ HEIMBAUVEREIN - clever-wohnen individuell eingerichtet, WLAN, alle Betriebskosten, Nutzung der Sport- und Freizeiteinrichtungen, u.v.a.m. zum ALL-IN-Preis learn together - live together - three single rooms, a kichen and a loggia

Blick ins Einzelzimmer mit Bad - Wohnheim GO(h)2 für Studiernde in Wels - wir haben das für Dich passende Angebot.You too can live there -
beginning with September, 1st 2017 

ideally situated to FH Wels!

If You need help - just call us:
+43690 8012894 - Mrs Wolfinger
+43690 8012993 - Mr Geier

oder nutze das Anfrageformular!


Georg Oberhaidinger Haus 2

+++Opening September 2017 +++ 

+++NEW built dorm for students+++
 - single rooms and appartments+++
+++click here for more information+++

+++news update+++ - click here for pictures of the rooms

ideally situated near Fachhochschule Wels

The room equipment in the NEW hall of residence for students of FH Wels

We offer to our residents: 
  • fresh prepared food - including vegetarian and other specific dishes.
  • lots of benefits from living with people who share the same interests.
  • ...learning together, ... spend free time together, ...
  • ideally situated near Fachhochschule Wels and other schools.
Facilities: Volleyball field, Table tennis, Billard, ...


Georg Oberhaidinger Haus 2
Obermüllnerstraße 11
A 4600 Wels

Office Hours /
give us a call - +43 690 8012894 Mr Geier












U t i l i z a t i o n  F e e 
The amount of the Utilization Fee (The Rent and the utilities) will be yearly determined by the OÖ.HEIMBAUVEREIN board.
Study year 2017/2018 - Costs per month / Person - 12 x per year

from 1st September 2017


All overheads (operating costs) like: electricity, water, heating, internet connection, Cable TV etc., are included in the utilization fee.
  • Cancellation Costs

If you cancel 14 days before the beginning of your contract, you have to pay a cancellation fee of € 90,00.

The processing fee of € 40,00 will not be refunded!

  • Security deposit

The residents undertake the responsibility to take care of all the shared facilities inside the dormitory.

  • When the residents move out of the dormitory, the rooms will be checked for any possible damage.

In the case of no damages, the security deposit will be refunded, deducted for the cost of the final cleaning.

In the case that damages are found, the costs for the reparation of the object/s will be deducted from the security deposit. If the costs are higher than the security deposit, than they will be demanded from the residents.

Notice: You must bring bed covers and sheets with you!