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Ziegeleistraße 78A
A 4020 Linz

ZVR 407585112
Telefon +43 (0)732 657343
FAX +43 (0)732 65734343

Europahaus - Linz

Dorm for students EUROPAHAUS  located at Froschberg Linz OÖ. HEIMBAUVEREIN Single rooms for students - "all included" OÖ Heimbauverein in the green heart of Linz of Linz The dormitory for students located in  "green Froschberg" has 40 Single rooms - partly with balcony/terrace-, 2 of these rooms are appropriate for people with disabled capacity. There are 5 double rooms and 25 partly furnished apartments. This dormitory contains an underground parking place!

Single rooms for students - "all included" Europahaus OÖ Heimbauverein in the green heart of the city of Linz

The single rooms include bathrooms and wardrobe. The apartments - suited for couples - are furnished with a kitchen, a bathroom and a wardrobe. The shared kitchen in each floor is a nice place to meet other people and spend time together. A laundry room, a sports room and also a community gathering lounge are available for all the residents.

Internet and Cable-TV connection are provided in each room.

OÖ HEIMBAUVEREIN Wohnheim There is a direct bus line from Main Train Station (which is just 10 min walking from the dorm) to the UNIVERSITY.
The Pädagogische Hochschule der DIÖZESE is just 15 minutes away.                                                                           You can reach within 15 min walk the Musiktheater !
You can find Tipps Arena, grocery shop, bank, pharmacy, gas station, coffee bars etc.. near the dorm. 

All-Year Service! 



Ziegeleistraße 19
A 4020 Linz

Office Hours:

Monday and Wednesday 09:00 - 13:00 O'Clock

Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 - 15:00 O'Clock

Telefon: +43 (0)732-657343-16
FAX       +43 (0)732-657343-43


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U t i l i z a t i o n  F e e 
The amount of the Utilization Fee (The Rent) will be yearly determined by the OÖ.HEIMBAUVEREIN board.
Study year 2016/2017 - Costs per month / Person - 12 x per year

from 1st September 2016

Single room ab € 315,00
Single room with Balcony €  323,00
Living in a double room (per resident) €  237,00
Appartment* from € 439,00
Appartment with Balcony* € 446,00
Appartment with rooftop access* ab € 497,00
security deposit € 310,00
Processing Fee € 40,00
Underground parking
reduced exclusively for residents
€ 35,00
Dinner hours: from 17:00 until 19:00
at the Dorm Ziegeleistraße 78a
€ 52,00

* The apartment provides: Bathroom with shower and WC, Small kitchen, wardrobe

Changing rooms inside the same dormitory or moving into another dormitory of OÖ. HEIMBAUVEREIN in Linz will be charged with the Processing Fee and the Final Cleaning Fee(€ 70,00)!

  • Without the studentship certificate an amount of € 45,00  will be added to the utilization fee (monthly rent).

All overheads (operating costs) like: energy, heating, internet connection, *Digital Cable TV etc., are included in the Utilization Fee.

  • Cancellation Costs

If you cancel 14 days before the beginning of your contract you pay a cancellation fee in the amount of  € 90,00

The processing fee in the amount of € 40,00 will not be refunded!

  • Security deposit

The residents undertake the responsibility to take care of all the facilities inside the dormitory.

  • When the  residents move out of the dormitory the rooms will be checked for any possible damage.

In case that no damages are found, the caution will be refunded, excluding the costs for the final cleaning.

In case that damages are found, the costs for the reparation of the object/s will be subtracted from the caution. If the costs are higher than the caution than they will be demanded from the residents. 

 *Digital Cable TV: you will need a TV and a CI-Card reader!


Notice: You must bring bed covers and sheets with you!