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Ziegeleistraße 78A
A 4020 Linz

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  - is a non profit organization
which has contributed to the education and development of young people for 60 years. 

Foundation of the Oberösterreichischen Heimbauvereines in 1955

Mr. Franz Plasser and Mr. Theodor Grill helped to create the association OÖ.HEIMBAUVEREIN aming to guide pupils, trainees and students during their time of study. The social engagement of the organization is to give young people inexpensive accomodation possibilities near their educational institution. 

Das Wohnheim des OÖ. Heimbauvereins Ziegeleistraße 78a im Jahr 1979In 1959, when we began building the dormitory for trainees and students in linz, we still could not see the enormeous growth of OÖ.HEIMBAUVEREIN coming.
By the late 1967 we had already inaugurated the second dormitory in linz, the one at the  Ziegeleistraße 78a.  Next, the dormitory Braunau das Internat Osternberg, today called  "Hans Wallisch Haus", was build in 1975.
The aspiration to build another central dormitory in Linz, which would be appropriate for the students of the educational academy, was fulfilled in 1976, and today it is called "Dr. Karl Grünner Haus".
Likewise, we established in Wels the "Georg Oberhaidinger Haus", which started fuctioning by 1977.
Oberösterreichischer Heimbauverein - die Festbroschüre von 1979 mit Bildern der Wohnheime in Linz, Wels, Ried im Innkreis und Braunau am InnAll together are now five dormitories availbale that offer 1100 young people the opportunity of education and low cost accommodation.
The incentive measures of the government that provide student-aid, accommodation-aid, apprentice allowence, make it possible even for the lower economic class to have the opportunity of schooling.

In addition to accomodation, we also make sure to provide youth care in all the areas of student life. It is crucial to understand the problems of young people and give them the neccessary attention, only then is it possible for us to successfully fulfill our task, and help them through this important phase of their life.

"Everything we do for the young people, our engagement and commitment to help them, will continue being a priority for the Oberösterreichschen Haimbauverein."

Dir. Johann Martetschläger, Board Member of OÖ. HEIMBAUVEREINS
OÖ Heimbauverein - Eröffnung des Studentenheims in the Broschure 1979

Up until now Board Members and motivated employees of the OÖ.HEIMBAUVEREIN engage in helping young generations.

The offer of OÖ.HEIMBAUVEREIN grows continuously.
From 2015 we are one of the biggest associations, operating in 4 different cities and managing 7 dormitories.
Linz ("Ziegeleistraße 78a", "Froschberg 7", "Europahaus", "Dr. Karl Grünner Haus")
Wels ("Georg Oberhaidinger Haus") - Braunau am Inn ("Hans Wallisch Haus") - Ried im Innkreis ("Internat der Stadt Ried")

The dormitories of OÖ.HEIMBAUVEREIN are a second home for more than 1200 students. During 60 years we have been putting effort into offering the best chances and providing our residents with all they need.


1999 opening of the dormitory "Europahaus"
2005 reopening of the dormitory  "Dr. Karl Grünner Hauses"

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