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Ziegeleistraße 78A
A 4020 Linz

ZVR 407585112
Telefon +43 (0)732 657343
FAX +43 (0)732 65734343


Ober-Österreichischer Heimbauverein / abbreviation: OÖ. HEIMBAUVEREIN
(non profit association - Zentrales-Vereins-Register Nr.:  407585112 )

Dormitories for apprentices, trainees, pupil and students.
Ziegeleistraße 78A
4020 Linz

Phone Nr. : 0043 (0)732 657343
Fax: 0043 (0)732 657343 43


Authorized Managing Director: 

Heinrich Wagner



Liabilities:Media owner, publisher, owner and responsible for the content

ZVR Nr.: 407585112

Chairman: Kons. Mag. Franz Röhrenbacher

Authority according to ECG:
LANDESPOLIZEIDIREKTION Oberösterreich, Referat Sicherheitsverwaltung
Legislation: Vereinsgesetz

Jurisdiction: Linz an der Donau
Image copyright: OÖ. HEIMBAUVEREIN


OÖ. HEIMBAUVEREIN is a non profit association.


Association Purpose:

To help young people through their education, to provide them accomodation and encourage them by:
- establishing/operating and managing the dormitories
- arranging a youth care program

The OÖ.HEIMBAUVEREIN provides reasonably priced residence for trainees, practicants and students as well as accommodation for young people groups who take part in different programs or holiday activities. OÖ.HEIMBAUVEREIN also offers  a youth care program for apprentices and pupils.


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