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Ziegeleistraße 78A
A 4020 Linz

ZVR 407585112
Telefon +43 (0)732 657343
FAX +43 (0)732 65734343

EIN Verein - VIER Städte - SIEBEN Wohnheime*

*für junge Menschen in Ausbildung

"I live gladly in my Dorm Ziegeleistraße 78a, because there I can choose with whomever i want to be in my room with."

entspannt und preiswert wohnen in den Wohneheimen des OÖ. HEIMBAUVEREIN

"I am happy that our housemasters are really cool, even though they criticize us now and then about behaving according to the House Regulations"


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can live in the dormitories of OÖ. HEIMBAUVEREIN?

OÖ. HEIMBAUVEREIN offers young people  affordable and economical places to live, all in different patterns:

Apprentices - They mostly live during their whole period of apprenticeship in one of our Dorms.

Trainees who follow their training programs (Usually 10 Weeks) in Linz, Wels, Ried im Innkreis and Braunau am Inn.

Advanced Pupils  (older than 14 years old) who know how to appreciate our "all inclusive" program (Caretaking) during their school years.

Interns feel well accommodated in our dormitories.

Students who enjoy the low cost offer of a residence that provides everything that is necessary to them during their college period.

How can I apply?

Apply online at our website - the easiest and fastest way!  Online-application.

When can I apply?

The sooner you apply, the greater are the chances to get a room.

Essentially : Apply at any time you can!

Do I have to apply multiple times, if I am undecided at which one of the dorms i want to live?

As long as the dorms are in the same region, you have the possibility to choose "ALL Dorms" when filling out your Online Application.

Can I apply for a single room?


Caution: Single rooms will be firstly given  to the people who already live in the dorm. 

In case that all the single rooms are occupied, then we can offer you a place in a double room.

If you want to apply only for a single room, then please make that evident when filling out the online application. 

Where can I see whether there are still available rooms in the dorm?

We can not give you that information until you apply!

Are there any extra costs for a room reservation?

You have to pay the  Utilization fee for the first month, a Processing fee, the Basic Cleaning fee as well as the deposit (it usually costs as much as one or two months utilization fee, depending on which dorm you apply).

People who want to stay less than three months have to pay the Utilization fee for the whole period, the processing fee, the basic cleaning fee as well as the Key-Caution, all at once. 

The deadlines for the Payment are written in the reservation letter. 

When will I have a fixed reservation in the dorm?

You will have a fixed reservation only when you pay the obligatory amount of the Caution (look at the reservation letter) and you sign the contract. You will have to send us all the necessary documents per E-Mail.

We will collect all the information we need from your documents. If you pay the caution before the deadline ends your room will be fix reserved.

What is included monthly utilization fee?

The monthly utilization fee is an "all-inclusive" amount. It contains:

•    Heating costs, Electricity costs Water costs and Waste Fee 
•    Cleaning of the shared areas 
•    Internet connection in the rooms and in the dorm area
•    Cable and SAT TV connection *
•    Usage of all shared areas, (extra rooms for different activities)
•    Furniture in the rooms 


I am neither a trainee nor a student.
Can I also rent a room?


Assuming that the dorm contains unoccupied rooms and there is no other request from students/trainees, you can rent a room.

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